Nitecore D20 R2 Review

My Nitecore D20 R2 LED flashlight recently came in the mail. Here’s a short summary of the things I like and do not like:

  • Superb build quality.
  • Excellent regulation.
  • Good amount of output for a 2AA light (200 lumens on high)
  • Great size (for me).
  • Has an indestructible button.
  • Indefinite variable output levels between low and high.
  • Sturdy clip allows you to carry it in your pocket.
  • Anodization is very good.
  • It can stand on its tail to act as candle light.
  • The UI is simple and convenient.
  • Clip prevents rolling.
  • Has military grade drop and shock resistance rating.
  • Waterproofing seems a little better than other lights like it.
  • Has momentary on/off feature, a twist on/off feature, as well as a click on/off (very little sound on the click on/off though).


  • Has rings in the beam (I thought the beam quality would be better)
  • Does not throw very far (it’s a great light for seeing a lot of detail, within 20-30 feet)
  • Batteries rattle a little.
  • Flashlight gets very hot after running on high for 5+ minutes.
  • Light will turn on with centrifugal force, or if tail is bumped. This is actually really annoying.
  • Button travel could be a bit longer (to give better feedback).
  • A little expensive for a 2AA light.

In general, this is a fantastic LED flashlight. It’s definitely one of my favorite lights, within this size category. The only two things that bother me are the rings in the beam and the fact that it doesn’t throw well. Besides those two things, I’m very happy with my purchase.

nitecore-d20-4-225x300 nitecore-d20-1-225x300 nitecore-d20-3-225x300 nitecore-d20-2-225x300

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